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Welcome wine club members. Below, please find the most recent wine club newsletters.  In them you will find info on wines, upcoming events, member benefits, special pairings, and more! Cheers. 

Nancy Walker
April 9, 2019 | Nancy Walker

Breakfast Company in my house!

 My two pot bellied pigs, kitty and skittles, have breakfast with me every moning now for 2 years.  they are very patient and let me know when they are ready to eat with a loud hoink!  Loving life at #stepehnandwalker, Healdsburg, CA,. Sonoma County Wine country USA!!

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Nancy Walker
April 9, 2019 | Nancy Walker

Moon setting over Wine Country, Healdsburg, Sonoma County, California, USA

Its is so peaceful looking at the moon's reflection in the vineyard pond.  This was taken last month before daylight saving's time change.  I love looking out over the vineyards.

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Nancy Walker
April 29, 2017 | Nancy Walker

Did you miss us?

Well, we missed you…and our newsletter publication in March! It’s been (or shall I say, I’ve been…) a little bonkers, but as the Mad Hatter says, all the best people are!

I love May - full of showy blooms and a certain something that gives us an increased “spring” in our step – perhaps it’s the anticipation that travels with this season of promise. At this time of year, we look forward to the season of growth in the vineyards and meeting our old friends and new visitors in the Tasting Room.


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Nancy Walker
October 28, 2016 | Nancy Walker

'Tis the Season...

Where did the time go – how can it already be November?! With a profession that is so closely tied to the seasons, it should never come as a surprise to me, especially as we took every ounce of summer and are thoroughly enjoying the transition to the autumn colors.


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Nancy Walker
August 29, 2016 | Nancy Walker

The Next Generation

As I said last year at this time, we feel our partnership has allowed us to be as successful as we have - we still love working together in this family business. This year, our sons Duncan and Walker interned at the Winery, and we are thrilled that our second generation is becoming involved in the business. We feel a great sense of pride knowing that our philosophies have come to bear in our sons and that they too have a love for this business, this lifestyle, that has surrounded them since birth.


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Nancy Walker
April 21, 2016 | Nancy Walker

A Rose… is a Rosé… is a Posy!

I remember a time not long ago, when Rosé was considered a “woman’s wine” or a wine not to be taken as seriously as the well established Chardonnay or big, bold reds.  My how times have changed – “Posy” - our Rosé, is the go-to summer wine for such a broad range of our loyal fans, whether they are red or white aficionados.  For, Rosé is ripe with personality.


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Nancy Walker
February 29, 2016 | Nancy Walker

Beautiful Spring – You’ve Returned!

Your March shipment is the 2013 Russian River Zinfandel & 2013 Dry Creek Zinfandel. Uniquely known in the wine drinking world as, ”the California varietal,” Zinfandel has been an important wine for Stephen & Walker. Our 2011 and 2012 vintages of our Dry Creek Zinfandel have both been awarded the prestigious “Best of Region, Sonoma County” at the California State Fair and both vintages have also received multiple Gold Medals and “Best of Class.” This shipment is truly special.


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Nancy Walker
November 11, 2015 | Nancy Walker

Recipe: BBQ Bleu Cheese Tri-Tip

1. Marinade Tri-tip overnight with dry rub of your favorite garlic, salt, pepper and herbs.
2. Using outdoor BBQ at low to medium heat (350F)-Roast Tri-Tip over Direct Heat 15 minutes each side (close lid of BBQ during Roasting) and turn 3 times until internal temperature reaches safe 145F  (total time is 45 minutes). Then return tri-tip to covered pan to rest for another 30 minutes and cool to touch.  Slice into 2” x 1” bite sized pieced enough to cover the bread medallions and look lovely and enticing. Set Aside in bowl.
3. Slice bread into ½ inch or slightly thinner bight sized medallions. Set Aside in large bowl.
4. Brush each sliced facing up with olive oil. Set each slide on a flat baking sheet oil side up.
5. Open jar of Roasted Red Peppers and separate and slice the peppers so that you have pieces that are about 1’ x ½ to place on each slice of bread when constructing the appetizers.  Set aside in a bowl.
6. Pt Reyes Bleu Cheese – using knife crumble or thinly slice the cheese so you may use this as the layer of flavor on the piece.  Set aside.
7. Now we begin to construct each piece of the  appetizers.
Take on bread medallion that had olive oil brushed on top, add one slice meat, add one red pepper, add crumbled Pt. Reyes Bleu Cheese, pinch of black pepper, pinch of salt if necessary and place it on a plate.
8. Next step is to taste this yourself.  If is is not to your liking, then change the order of construction until perfect to YOUR liking.  Once you have it finish the job and ready to serve.
9. Remember to always have the Stephen & Walker Petite Sirah Dry Creek Valley Ready To Serve with this lovely dish!!  Sante! My Friends – Nancy!

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Nancy Walker
October 28, 2015 | Nancy Walker

Fall 2015 Wine Club Newsletter

This year marked my 30th grape harvest on California’s North Coast, and in what also makes for a memorable year, 2015 was California’s earliest harvest on record! An early harvest is quite lovely, with no rain or cold to fuss with, and with the quality of the fruit we brought into the winery, we should have even more cause to celebrate. The Sauvignon Blanc was first in, with excellent quality again this year. All of our red grapes were absolutely beautiful – the flavors we achieved in this record heat! And, ripening literally neck and neck, our Pinot Noir, Carignane, Zinfandel and Petite Sirah were all delivered within 15 days of each other, putting quite a bit of stress on the tank fermentation space in the winery. Tony was brilliant in coordinating the tanks perfectly with the computerized pneumatic punch down, allowing us to crush into the tanks, press off and refill again. Everything is now barreled down, resting!


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